Welcome to the Romavia Aircraft Components capability page.

Because our quality control standards are high, we offer you the best quality on the repair and overhaul services. Our goal is always to deliver the best quality at the best price. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

Below are  links to our complete list of the material we service. Please feel free to download it.


The complete Capability list in Microsoft Excel format (file size 75 K)

The complete Capability list in pdf format (file size 75 K)

To view our capability list on pdf, you must have Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. This is a free program and is available from Adobe Software.         

For more information, please contact us either via E-mail [by clicking on the contact button on this page] or [at]

You may also call us at (305) 629-8527

We look forward to serving you.

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